Monday 27 April 2009

Torture Video UAE (guy mangled over grain shipment)

In April 2009 a video emerged of a United Arab emirates Royal Sheik, Sheik Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan directing the torture of an Afghan grain dealer Mohammed Shah Poor[34]. The video includes the man being tortured with a cattle prod to his genitals, sand in his mouth and being runover by a Silver Mercedes SUV The official response of The UAE government concedes that Sheik Issa is the man shown in the video but says he did nothing wrong....

Bassam Nabulsi is a United States citizen and Houston businessman. Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Sheikh Issa) is a member of the royal family in the U.A.E. Sheikh Issa is the younger brother of the President of the U.A.E., Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, and younger brother to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Bassam Nabulsi and Sheikh Issa were business partners. Through the course of their relationship, Mr. Nabulsi learned that Sheikh Issa expected no disagreements from those with whom he dealt, including his partner and business manager, Mr. Nabulsi. As their relationship progressed, Mr. Nabulsi noted that Sheikh Issa grew more aggressive, and less tolerant.

Indeed, as Sheikh Issa's moods grew darker, he began a habit and custom of torturing his employees or anyone else with whom he disapproved. Over the years, and particularly after the death of this father (the long-serving and well-respected President of the U.A.E.) in 2004, these torture sessions grew more brutal, vicious, and bloody. As his degeneracy increased, Sheikh Issa began to have such torture sessions videotaped, so he could enjoy viewing them later. Mr. Nabulsi disapproved vehemently with Sheikh Issa's behavior, and never took part in such conduct.

One of Sheikh Issa's many torture victims was Mohammed Shah Poor, an Afghan who did business with the Sheikh. After Poor fell into Sheikh Issa's disfavor, the Sheikh personally tortured Poor for more than forty-five minutes. Sheikh Issa was assisted by several members of the Abu Dhabi police. The torture involved shooting an M-16 into the ground in front of where Poor was kneeling, stuffing sand into his mouth, sticking nails repeatedly into his buttocks, whipping him with a board containing nails, repeatedly kicking his head, whipping his buttocks until they bled, pouring salt onto his wounds, pouring lighter fluid onto his scrotum and lighting it on fire, sticking a cattle prod up his anus, and running over him with Sheikh Issa's Mercedes SUV. As has now become his custom, at Sheikh Issa's direction, the torture session was videotaped.

Immediately after the torture session, a member of Sheikh Issa's entourage frantically telephoned Mr. Nabulsi. During that call, Mr. Nabulsi learned about the torture of Mr. Poor, and learned that Sheikh Issa was refusing to allow the injured and bleeding victim to be taken to the hospital. Fearing that Mr. Poor might die, Mr. Nabulsi spoke to Sheikh Issa by phone. In that call, Mr. Nabulsi pleaded with Sheikh Issa to allow Poor to be taken to the hospital. Although Sheikh Issa ultimately conceded to Nabulsi's frantic requests, Nabulsi's assertiveness on that call with Sheikh Issa was the beginning of the ultimate end to the two partners' business and personal relationship.

As personal and business manager for Sheikh Issa, as well as business partner, Mr. Nabulsi maintained all important business and personal items for Sheikh Issa. One such item was the videotape showing Sheikh Issa torturing Mr. Poor--along with several similar tapes of other torture sessions involving the Sheikh and other victims.

As the relationship between the partners continued to deteriorate, Sheikh Issa became desperate to retrieve the torture tapes. To that end, by asserting influence with the Abu Dhabi police, Sheikh Issa had Mr. Nabulsi arrested in April of 2005. However, there were no charges, and the police held Mr. Nabulsi only because Sheikh Issa had directed them to do so.

After his arrest, Mr. Nabulsi was held without charges for several days. The police department, under the direction of Sheikh Issa, thoroughly searched Mr. Nabulsi's residence in an effort to find the torture tapes. Further, all of Mr. Nabulsi's computers were confiscated, along with any devices that might contain evidence of Sheikh Issa's involvement in the torture.

In an attempt to justify Mr. Nabulsi's incarceration, Sheikh Issa then fabricated false accusations of marijuana possession against Nabulsi. Of course, the resulting search of Nabulsi's home revealed no marijuana, and the test performed on Mr. Nabulsi's urine was also negative for drug use.

Mr. Nabulsi was kept incarcerated for three months. During the three-month ordeal, Mr. Nabulsi learned from his jailors that the genesis of the false marijuana charges was Sheikh Issa, as well as his brother, Sheikh Nasser bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with the approval of another member of the Royal Family, Sheikh Saif, Minister of the Interior and Chief of Police.

At one point during the incarceration, the U.S. Embassy attempted to come to Mr. Nabulsi's aid. In response, the Embassy was informed by the police department that the reason for the incarceration was a personal dispute between Mr. Nabulsi and Sheikh Issa.

Despite the efforts of the U.S. Embassy, Mr. Nabulsi was kept in jail, where he was continuously tortured. Each day, the jailors, at the direction of the Issa, would have a "session" with Mr. Nabulsi, threatening him with immediate death and extreme pain. Because of what he had seen on the torture tapes, Mr. Nabulsi was frighteningly aware of Sheikh Issa's capacity for cruelty as well as his apparent influence with the police.

During his incarceration, the safety of Mr. Nabulsi's wife and children were also repeatedly threatened. These threats caused Mr. Nabulsi great stress. Further, members of his personal staff were held hostage for days without food or water. Mr. Nabulsi was threatened with their deaths as well.

Sheikh Issa himself conducted some of the torture sessions. During such sessions, Sheikh Issa asked repeatedly about the location of the torture tapes, and repeatedly told his business partner Nabulsi that he would be killed, and that his family and staff would be killed.

In furtherance of the effort to break Nabulsi mentally so he would give up the tapes, Sheikh Issa instructed the police to place Afghan and Iraqi prisoners, who were known to be hostile an aggressive towards Americans, in Mr. Nabulsi's cell. Sheikh Issa then had the guards taunt Mr. Nabulsi about being an American in front of these cell mates.

Mr. Nabulsi's criminal charges ultimately came to trial and he was acquitted of all charges of marijuana possession. Still, even after his innocence was proven in court, he was kept in jail. Finally, the U.S. Embassy again intervened to force Mr. Nabulsi's release. Through the grace of God, and with help from the U.S. Embassy and his family, Bassam Nabulsi was able to escape the U.A.E.

Bassam Nabulsi is now possession of several videos that show some of the most inhumane treatment the World has ever seen or heard about. These videos will ultimately be released on this site. Sheikh Issa, as brother to both the President of the U.A.E. and the Crown Prince of the U.A.E., has never been held accountable for his inhumane actions.

The message for anyone traveling or doing business in the U.A.E. or Abu Dhabi is clear. Be careful, be very, very careful.

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