Saturday 12 December 2009

Jim Rogers on CNBC, Tech Ticker

Jim Rogers is in New York, making the rounds on business television. Here's a great interview with Rogers on CNBC, talking with Maria Bartiromo about the Fed, Geithner, and the state of the US' finances.

He also shared his investment (and trading) outlook on the US dollar, foreign currencies, and commodities. Rogers agrees that gold has rallied strongly and is ready for a move down, but notes that he is keeping his gold for the long term, and he's still quite bullish on relatively undervalued silver.

Monday 7 December 2009

How Bailout Nation Took Us Down … And Where It Is Taking Us Next

Today, Barry sits down with me to discuss the critical question on the minds of all investors .. “Where Do We Go From Here?”. To get to that answer, Ritholtz shares his views on the following:
Why we simply should have said “Fuck You” to insolvent banks
How Bush started and Obama mistakenly continued the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the planet
The FDIC and the Swedish model
3 big and non-obvious reasons that puts the wind at gold’s back.
Stock market is up? Who cares! “What the hell do the markets have to do with the economy?” Ask Japan.
Why oil and other $USD priced commodities are going higher – but foreigners beware of real returns
Canada – a great place to invest and gain exposure to commodities
The $USD – encouraging a “race to the bottom” amongst global currencies, counter-trend rally, then another leg down
US equities – impossible to short stocks in this quantitative easing environment
The parallels to 1973-74 and the start of the next secular bull market
Gold – $1,350 and $1,525 targets, then probably goes to its inflation adjusted high

Ritholtz, as always, takes the no nonsense but supremely intelligent approach to economic analysis that we only wish our financial leaders would apply when governing. Given the fact his firm manages money for some pretty high-net worth individuals and organizations, any opportunity to tap into his brain for free is a golden one.