Friday, 28 March 2008

Job Market 2009

I need 2 certified accountants!

Islam copping heat on film

The Netherlands film.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Vidal Vs.Buckley: Part 1 (1968)

People knew how to debate then.

China never won respect of Tibetians

"Why did the unrest take off?" asked Liu Junning, a liberal political scientist in Beijing. "I think it has something to do with the long-term policy failure of the central authorities. They failed to earn the respect of the people there."

For now, Beijing's hard line on Tibet is only likely to get harder. Military police officers are pouring into Tibetan regions to stifle new protests. Nor are the demonstrations winning sympathy in a nation that is 94 percent Han Chinese. State media have tightly controlled coverage to focus on Tibetans burning Chinese businesses or attacking and killing Chinese merchants. No mention is made of Tibetan grievances or reports that 80 or more Tibetans have died.

structured finance 101

if you need to understand thecredit crisis..

Monday, 17 March 2008

Bear Stearns, Jim Cramer, The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan

All the loser spruikers have lost their way. worry about the return of your money, not the return on it.

Tibet The Story Of A Tragedy

Tibet is a problem.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Part 3/15

nice segment from the flick

Connections, Episode 3 Part 1 of 5

These are definately worth the time to watch.