Friday 30 January 2009

we've been robbed

The natives are really restless!!

Wednesday 28 January 2009

An Exercise in Utility - IBM smart grid

we got to have one. Since there is almost no intelligence in the grids to balance loads or monitor power flows, they lose enough electricity annually to power India, Germany and Canada for an entire year.

Friday 23 January 2009

Henry Kissinger - China as a Rising Power

Henry Kissinger discusses war and more with Peter Robinson as part of the Hoover Institution's interview series, Uncommon Knowledge.

War and the media - the two have not partnered so well since Vietnam. But in the days of the Internet, conservative talk radio, and Fox News, has the dynamic changed?

Kissinger says only a bit, and that the media remain heavily biased against military action.

Additionally, the 1960s concept that the U.S. government is somehow an evil enterprise is alive and well.

In this environment, Kissinger says our leaders need to present a clearer and more educated vision of the American role in the world - Hoover Institution

Monday 19 January 2009

Faber on TARP: 'the best option is to do nothing'

and on Gold and BTW American's should hold your gold outside the US.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Don't Be Economic Girlie Men!

Maybe if Ahhnold had been a little more “pessimistic,” he might have cut the California budget down to size. He didn’t and now can’t pay tax refunds.
Girlymen 1 Arnie 0.

The Whitehouse Coup (1933) 1 of 3

The Business Plot (also the Plot Against FDR and the White House Putsch) was according to an Congressional committee report a political conspiracy in 1933 wherein wealthy businessmen and corporations plotted a coup d’├ętat to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, the Business Plot was publicly revealed by retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler testifying to the McCormack-Dickstein Congressional Committee. [1] In his testimony, Butler claimed that a group of men had approached him as part of a plot to overthrow Roosevelt in a military coup. One of the alleged plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their final report, the Congressional committee supported Butler's allegations of the existence of the plot,[2] but no prosecutions or further investigations followed, and the matter was mostly forgotten.

Thursday 15 January 2009

The Prisoner

My Uncle Leo McKern and Patrick McGoohan in "Prisoner".

Grade asked if he would at least work on "something" for him, and McGoohan gave him a run-down of what would later be called a miniseries about a secret agent who resigns suddenly and wakes up to find himself in a prison disguised as a holiday resort. Grade asked for a budget, McGoohan had one ready, and they made a deal over a handshake early on a Saturday morning to produce The Prisoner. McGoohan not only produced, he also wrote, directed and starred in the show. He used two pseudonyms, writing "Free for All" as Paddy Fitz and directing "Many Happy Returns" and "A Change of Mind" as Joseph Serf. He also wrote "Once Upon A Time" and "Fall Out" using his own name. The seven episodes were increased to seventeen.

The main character spends the entire series trying to escape from The Village and to learn the identity of his nemesis, Number One. The Prisoner was a completely new, cerebral kind of series, stretching the limits of the established television formulas. Its influence has been echoed in Lost, Babylon 5, Nowhere Man, I-man, The Truman Show, The Simpsons, Reboot, even American Idol teaser ads.

The main character, the unnamed Number Six, became McGoohan's most recognisable character. Unfortunately, it also became his prison. Number Six was so obsessively pro-individual that whenever McGoohan later played someone who had something to say about individuality or freedom, the character was often compared to his previous incarnation; for example, his rather ironic portrayal of the Warden in Escape from Alcatraz.

"Mel [Gibson] will always be Mad Max, and me, I will always be a Number," he was once quoted as saying.

The cult of The Prisoner spawned many books, college courses, a quarterly magazine and documentaries. There were several fan clubs - most notably "Six of One," which honors the show annually with a convention in Portmeirion, Wales, where the show's exteriors were shot. McGoohan was the honorary president. In the May 30, 2004 edition of "TV Guide," The Prisoner was ranked 7th in a list of the "25 Top Rated Cult Shows Ever!" McGoohan's show outranked the likes of The Twilight Zone (#8) and Doctor Who (#18). "TV Guide" wrote, "Fans still puzzle over this weird, enigmatic drama, a Kafkaesque allegory about the individual's struggle in the modern age."

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Peter Schiff was right (2nd edition)

And she is cute. Both are true!

Monday 12 January 2009

Newstopia explains the Reserve Bank

Many a true word said in jest...

Niall Ferguson: The Global Financial Crisis ~ Iceland all round

Great Iceland, Swissericeland, The United States of Iceland.

A Discussion of the Global Financial Crisis

of the CFR after a grueling day drinking a beer with a security guard. Out walks Uma Thurmon with her friggin' dog. The dog takes a dump on the sidewalk and Uma doesn't clean it up. The security guard barks at Uma to do so and she responds, "Do you know who I am? I am Uma Thurman." The security guard responds, "I am Ray, now clean it up." My son negotiated with the limo driver (he has a job there because of his negotiating skills) to clean it up. It was only after it was over that my son told Ray who Uma Thurman was: "Remember 'Kill Bill'?" and then the little light bulb goes off in Ray's head. "Oh yeah! She looked familiar."
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RE: Idol worship....nm HungryPoohBear NEW 1/11/2009 10:11:04 AM
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RE: useless....nm solidus NEW 1/11/2009 10:59:04 AM
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RE: Jolie is a satanist just like the rest of them. solidus NEW 1/11/2009 11:02:00 AM
they arent after money, its just a tool, to own people.
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RE: For her first wedding Sheeple Shredder NEW 1/11/2009 12:25:23 PM
She wore a T-shirt splattered with her own blood - 'nuff said.
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RE: CFR Symposium on the financial crisis... qqqbear NEW 1/11/2009 7:48:13 AM
Roger C. Altman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Evercore Partners; Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; James D. Grant, Owner and Editor, Grant's Interest Rate Observer; Author, 'After the Crash: Helping the U.S. Economy Right Itself' (Foreign Affairs November/December 2008); Harold James, Professor of History, Princeton University

Presider: James F. Hoge Jr., Peter G. Peterson Chair and Editor, Foreign Affairs
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RE: The only panel member halfway worthy RasputinLives NEW 1/11/2009 7:51:23 AM James Grant, but the CFR just trots him out so they can giggle at his bowties and huge, half-mooned-shaped head.

All in all, a globilst, elitist, organization.
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RE: I don't think that is quite right... Thomas. NEW 1/11/2009 7:56:16 AM
I do not believe anybody in their right mind trots out James Grant to laugh at him. Nobody has the firepower to defeat him in rhetorical battle. It is elitist to the extent that they scour the globe to invite those in positions to see problems clearly and potentially address them intellectually. I very much doubt you will see Joe the Plumber get an invite. As to Angela Jolie, heaven only knows what goes into that one, but she certainly is not a neocon.
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RE: Where were you in the early 1980's... RasputinLives NEW 1/11/2009 8:01:38 AM

...when Louis Rukeyser and his gang would have poor, skinny James Grant on regularly to ridicule, berate, and practically stick a "kick me" sign on the erudite pundit's back as James would be warning of the dangers of Wall Street and the imminent crash (at this point, the Dow had barely broken the 1000 level.)

Sorry, but notice how even during this video, much of what Grant states is laughed at outright by the members. And they are not "laughing with him", if you know what I mean.
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RE: You are simply too cynical... Thomas. NEW 1/11/2009 8:16:22 AM
To criticize the opposing team for leaning on a much younger Grant howling with the DOW at 1000 is not correct. He may have been correct, but the experiment had hardly been started. As to the laughing when Grant speaks, there is nothing in the laughter that is targeted at him; his oratory is very entertaining (funny at times). You are lashing out too much; this is an excellent discussion (despite the seemingly soft-headed European).

Sunday 11 January 2009

World Energy Outlook

Oil consumption and production.

Friday 9 January 2009

Flying Suits in Norway

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Peter Schiff predicts Imminent Doom - Fear And Loathing In America

We are Doomed. ~ Schiff

UN Schools attack in Gaza ~ Oh the mendacity

Why We Fight (part 4 of 10)

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism? This award-winning film provides an inside look at the anatomy of the American war machine. Is American foreign policy dominated by the idea of military supremacy? Has the military become too important in American life?
Something to think about as we contemplate the horrible mendacity of Israeli spokespeople and the social mechanisms that turn abused soceities into abusers.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Monday 5 January 2009

The natives are restless....

A rant from one of the US masses...

Thursday 1 January 2009