Wednesday 25 March 2009

Cave of Wealth and Death pt 2 All About Gnomes

he gnomes are the only ones who can enter the Cave of Wealth and Death. This is because they know no fear and are consumed with lust and desire. To get the world's most beautiful women to bed with them, they need lots and lots of loot.

So they go into the Cave and make deals with the Goddess of Infinity. She will add as many zeros as the gnomes desire. Meanwhile, the gnomes assure all of us, they will not be tempted by Infinity and will keep the lust for more money under control. This always fails and they create inflation.

Not only that, even with all this money, the beautiful women they desire hire lawyers and wrest away a lot of this money the gnomes get. So we end up with a collapsed economic system and a lot of very unhappy gnomes.

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