Sunday 9 November 2008

Peter Schiff - Barack Obama Will Accelerate An American Economic Collapse Into A Great Depression

I don't agree with Peter, its hard to see how Obama could be more socialist that Bush and Paulson. There is a bigger problem.
Maybe the problem in America is there is no struggle about the fundamental mechanisms of American oppression and aggression: debt and threat.

American policies promote debt and force as the hammer and anvil for shaping the economy and the political dialogue. What cannot be financed into penury must be crushed into submission. The bulk of the economy is designed to prosper either the bankers or the police/prison/military/intelligence industries at everyone else’s expense. Propped up on these twin pillars of debt and threat, America remains staunchly and irrevocably American whoever wins the elections.

Has fiscal prudence been swiftly repudiated post-election in favour of more debt-financed “stimulus” and “stabilisation”. Time will tell.

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