Sunday 27 January 2008

disney fantasia The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Mickey

I constantly marvel at how solemn the creators of magic money are. They want us to think that all the brooms in the computer closets are making us rich. The brooms cause numbers to cascade into various spread sheets. The numbers go up and up and up as various wizards wave their wands and grimace and groan and yell out spells. 'Hibbity Gibbety SIV, magic CDS show your power! Shazam!'

What is created is 'the Bottom Line' which is that well we see in the cartoon above. This well is filled with 'liquidity' and the young apprentices use the brooms to fill the well of liquidity. They go to another water source, you see, the Bank of Japan's spring which has constant running water. They carry this in SIV or CDS or CDO or ABX-He buckets and dump it into the World Economy.

All is well if it is under some control.

Actually, while watching this cartoon, I thought Bernanke is actually Mickey Mouse. He frantically tries to stop the broom dumping seas of red ink only he makes it worse and worse and the Mouse is Bush and is everyone involved in our sea of red ink. The more we chop up the brooms the worse it gets.

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